The Highs and Lows of a Life-Changing Move!


I haven’t updated y’all in awhile on our move. I dropped the ball almost two weeks ago and kinda left y’all hanging. Well, I am going to catch y’all up today. Let me just say that my world has been turned upside down and sometimes, me and my OCD have a hard time handling it. [...]

A New Spin on…Sentimental Greeting Card Storage!


I know y’all may be saying, “Not again!” But, I have a different way to store greeting cards. I have shared several different ways over the last couple of years, but I had to share this final one. I guess you could say it is the most personal way (to me). My husband and I [...]

Creating an Emergency Station: Family Essentials Kit!


Welcome to Week 6 of my 7 week Creating an Emergency Station series. Today is all about the family essentials. Most of these items will be placed in a box that we can all use in case of an emergency, but an item or two will be placed in mommy and/or daddy’s backpack. But, first, [...]

Creating an Emergency Station: Clothing & Comfort!


Welcome to Week 5 of my 7 week Creating an Emergency Station series. Today is all about the clothing that will be placed in each person’s backpack. But, first, if you missed the first four weeks, check out the links below: Week 1: Storage Week 2: Food Week 3: First Aid Kit Week 4: Hygiene [...]

Meet Grizabella… Our New Family Member!

Grizabella intro

If you have ever seen or heard about the Broadway musical Cats, you probably knew immediately from the title of this post what type of family member we are welcoming. Grizabella is the “Glamour Cat” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-breaking musical Cats. She is best known for singing “Memory” in the play. If this is [...]

I Don’t Mean to Offend because I have OCD!


Here I am again opening up my heart and soul to you guys! I know you get to see a lot of “me” through my organizing and decorating blog posts, but sometimes, I like to step away from that and connect on a different level. And, for some reason, my computer was calling me to [...]

Creating a Family Command Center!

The OCD Life Command Center Intro

In my last command center post, I shared the 5 steps I used to create a command center for my family. It took me 6 months of debating, evaluating, and revising my plan, but it is finally complete. And, I am ready to share it with y’all today. Remember, the before: Overall, this area was [...]

Creating an Emergency Station: Hygiene!

Emergency Station: Hygiene

Welcome to Week 4 of my 7 week Creating an Emergency Station series. Today is all about the hygiene products. These items will be placed in each family member’s backpack. Note that some of the items will be shared between family members. But, first, if you missed the first three weeks, check out the links [...]

D.I.Y. Distressed Wooden American Flag!

DIY Distressed Wooden American Flag

I have been eyeing several wooden American flags online, but I just couldn’t pay the price they wanted for them. I tried to convince myself that one would look amazing in my entryway, but I just couldn’t break down and make the purchase. So, I decided to try to make my own version. I was [...]