The Office! (Part 2)

Two weeks ago, I shared with y’all the paint transformation that had taken place in our new office…

Last week, I shared the beginning of what will soon be our craft/printing area…
Today, I am happy to announce that we have our bookcases in, assembled, and in place. We ordered the white Carson 5-shelf bookcases from Target for $109.99 each. I purchased them when they were having a 15% off sale, which almost covered the whole cost of the shipping.
Here is a look at the bookcase wall before…
And, here is a look at the bookcase assembly process and the after appearance…
Look at all of those tools for one bookcase!!!
This girl is going to attempt to put together a bookcase by herself. Sometimes, you just can’t wait for your husband. LOL!!!

A look at our work-in-progress!!!
My construction partner… Take 1!!!

Take 2!!!
Even after a bath and at 11:00 pm, she is going strong (she thinks)!!!
And, the finished product…

Question: Can you tell which one I put together and which one my husband put together?!?! Here is a hint, mine has a little bit more character.
I honestly have no idea how the directions allowed me to do that. By the time I realized it, we had screwed the back on. So, my bookcase just has a little bit more character than his. LOL!!! I plan on painting it and touching it up later.
And, a look with all of our office accessories…
Accessory list:
Nathan’s bookcase
Kristin’s bookcase
Accessory List:
Nathan’s bookcase
mesh file – The Container Store
small green bins (2) – Target
football player statue – Hobby Lobby
crystal football – gift
football coin collector – Wal-Mart
small clear canister – Target
green patterned storage box - JoAnn
Kristin’s bookcase
green chevron bins (2) – Target
brocade file – The Container Store
small clear canister – Target
DIY lucite tray – see blog post
green patterned storage box – JoAnn
So far, the office is looking exactly like I had envisioned it. Next, we plan on finishing the desks and showing you the progress in that area. Stay tuned!!!
Happy Creating,


  1. says

    Yours just means you have more “personality” than his LOL. This sounds like something I would do, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    • says

      It SO screams about my personality. LOL!!! The more you read, the more you will probably find out about my “blonde moments” as my husband calls them. Sometimes, I just don’t think, I guess. But, it makes me who I am. ;)


  2. says

    I love the bookcases and I REALLY love that you gave a directory on where to find all of those great accessories. Can’t wait to see this room all finished!

  3. says

    OK…I would have totally started without my hubs too! Simple mistake, makes for a strong grrrr…when you notice it. But paint to the rescue always! Glad to have found you through tatertots & jello!

  4. says

    Thank you for the sweet comments. At first, I thought it was going to be extremely hard, but I made it work. My husband preferred more of a Notre Dame green, but I tried to make the colors blend.

    And, I am so glad you are following me now. I greatly appreciate it!!! Definitely going to check out your blog too.


  5. says

    That’s really nice. I love it. So where do you put the real stuff, like paperwork and oddly shaped books, etc? That’s what I need help with!

  6. Anonymous says

    What is the wall color, on the wall behind the bookcases? I love it!
    I am going to show my man this “His, Hers Bookcase” idea. I am working on remodeling our office, and he is sure that it is going to turn out looking like “[He] doesn’t exist.” Haha:)


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