Cord Organization!


Good morning & Happy Wednesday! It is amazing how one organization project can lead to several others. In the process of creating my binders and cleaning out drawers, I realized I started accumulating a lot of cords. These cords were randomly located throughout my house in various drawers, cabinets, and boxes. In addition, I had a large tub in my garage that was full of them too.


So, I decided this little organization dilemma needed to be addressed. I ordered an ArtBin Double Deep with Dividers container from JoAnn. They are originally $39.99, but they put them on sale all the time. I purchased mine for $19.99.

artbinI went through all of the random cords lying around my house and the ones in the large tub. After about an hour, I had a large pile of cords that we were not using. Some of these cords went to equipment that we didn’t even own anymore.

cordslastThen, I started organizing my new bin. The container had eight sections after placing the dividers in the box. Amazingly, after filling the box, two sections were left empty. If you look at the photos, I have placed two surge protectors in one of them, but I plan on using those, so I didn’t label that section.

My sections included:

  • Apple product (headphones, charges, etc.) cords
  • Extension cords
  • RCA cords
  • Cable cords
  • Printer cords
  • Ethernet cords




And, I had to place a label on the front. I used the techniques I discussed in my “How to Create Laminated Labels” post.




Now, all those pesky cords have a home!

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  1. Belinda says

    I ordered 2 of these, they are on sale this week for 40% off. I had a coupon and was going to order one, but when I saw they were on sale already I got two. We have a lot of cords all over that need to be contained :) Thank you for the idea.



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